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Show Me a Dinosaur

by Show Me a Dinosaur

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filipp_ahm thumbnail
filipp_ahm Просто лучший альбом в российском околоблэке. И да, я надеюсь в этом году мы все таки встретимся там где будет тепло) Favorite track: Lights.
winkoman thumbnail
winkoman Dark and beautiful! Favorite track: Gone.
Eric Vegas
Eric Vegas thumbnail
Eric Vegas It’s a little bit Ghost Bath, a little bit Deafheaven, but more interestingly, a little bit Aussitot Mort as well. Yet none of the tracks are any of those groups in totality. Love the different vocal styles throughout, really showcases how not all screams sound alike. A truly beautiful release from the other side of planet earth, cheers from Vegas! Favorite track: Lights.
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Rakev 05:06
Еще не осень! Если я Терплю, как осень терпит лужи, Печаль былого бытия, Я знаю: завтра будет лучше. Я тыщу планов отнесу На завтра: ничего не поздно. Мой гроб еще шумит в лесу. Он - дерево. Он нянчит гнезда.
Vjuga 06:08
Отеческий дом, мой теплый очаг Всегда здесь были мне рады Но разрушен остов и приспущен наш флаг Внутри разорвались снаряды Холодным дыханьем лес говорит «Беги! Ты так напуган..» Замерзшие мысли, еще один взгляд Всё покрывает вьюга.
Ochag 04:05
Lights 05:24
Твои глаза Бескрайние, зеленые, там я бегу туда Где в памяти тревожнее нет места Пролистаю книгу снов дотла Вернусь в реальность холодных дождей Мы встретимся там, где будет светло Закрывая глаза, взлететь высоко Мы встретимся там, где будет светло Упасть в океан, камнем на дно
Gone 06:37
Небо во тьме В холодных руках тлеет свет По следам на земле Нас никогда не найти И на крик в тишине Не услышать ответа Остаться или уйти Сделать первый шаг вперед
Hearth 03:54
Wojna 10:15
Война Хруст костей Миллионов сломанных судеб Сливаются в песню во имя идей Пары тщеславных ублюдков


released March 8, 2016

Pavel Gorshkov - Guitar
Artem Selyugin - Guitar, Vox
Anton Gataullin - Bass
Aleksandr Vershinin - Drums
Mikhail Kurochkin - recording, mixing, mastering

It is said that almost every element on Earth was formed at the heart of a star. Our bodies are made of their remnants and massive explosions in the galaxies. Everything we are originates from stardust and it continually floats through us.

We are impermanent. We are nothing more than a pattern or a process yet we are at odds with our self-perception. We choose to complicate life. We design a life of self-inflicted stress, negativity and broken habits. We constantly seek control. We do not accept what is and we do not let go of what was. We lose faith in ourselves and in our journey. There are times we wish our life away.

There is a need for change, a change Show Me A Dinosaur also felt they needed after their critically acclaimed 2011 debut “Evolvent EP” and 2014 dark, brooding masterpiece “Dust”. This genre-defying band, consummate masters at blending post-metal, post-rock, shoegaze and ambient doom, felt an unwavering desire to also explore a far more desperate and harsher black metal sound, to persuade listeners to identify what is truly important to them and shift the focus of their determination. Music that would awaken their decisiveness to fearlessly choose to walk their own path, away from those who hate, who seek only war and require the sacrifice of happiness and self-respect.

This trailblazing Saint Petersburg band now consisting of Pavel Gorshkov (Guitar), Artem Selyugin (Guitar, Vocals), Anton Gataullin (Bass) and Aleksandr Vershinin (Drums) has evolved into one of the most intense and awe-inspiring bands in Europe. Mixed and mastered by Mikhail Kurochkin, “Show Me A Dinosaur” is a juggernaut of raw emotions and technical prowess, fuelled with a sense of urgency, encouraging listeners to follow their bliss and live life to the fullest.
-Elusive Sound

Show Me A Dinosaur’s sound has really evolved since their last album, “Dust” and they gave us a glimpse of their future when they released the “Vjuga” single. This vision of the future has become fully realized with the release of this self-titled album, and it is truly something special.
Show Me A Dinosaur has raised the bar, and married post-rock and black metal into something I’ve never heard before. It has a lot of the characteristics from both genres at the forefront of their sound, but nothing gets muddled in the mix. The blast beats, frantic strumming with overdriven guitars, and the screams drowning in the noise dominate the sound, but the structure of the sound is signature post-rock, flowing riffs and swaying melodies, creating passages from one feeling to the next.
The production is top-notch, the mixing is everything I would hope for, and the sheer amount of skill that it takes to make something so cutting-edge is wildly impressive.
-Aaron Edwards, Arctic Drones


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Show Me a Dinosaur Saint Petersburg, Russia

Four-piece formation from North-Western coast of cold Russia.

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